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The program will include:

Plenary and Keynote Lectures

60 Symposia

Invited Lectures and Free Communications

Poster Sessions

Industry Sponsored Sessions

Commercial Exhibitions

Social Events


Photomedicine and Human Photobiology

UV, Visible and Near Infrared Effects on the Skin, Melanins, Vitamin D, DNA Damage and Repair, Photocarcinogenesis, Photoimmunology, UV-induced Skin Cancer, Photoaging, Photosensitivity Diseases, Topical and Systemic Photoprotection, Sunscreen Developments, Phototherapy, Eye Photodamage and Phototherapy, Photopharmacology, Photostability, Photodegradation and Phototoxicity of Drugs, Optogenetics, Light in Dentistry, Lighting Environment, Photodiagnosis     


Photodynamic Therapy

Clinical PDT, Antimicrobial Resistance and PDT, Oxygen in PDT, Role of PDT in Combination Therapies, New Excitation Strategies, New Photosensitizers, Photodynamic Diagnosis, Theranostics, Drug Delivery in PDT, Targeting in PDT, Tissue Bonding, Vascular PDT


Plant Photobiology

Structure and Regulation in Photosynthesis, Light Harvesting Dynamics, Artificial Photosynthesis, UVB Effects on Plants, Plant Defence, ROS Signalling, Plant Photoprotection, Photomorphogenesis, Plant Photoreceptors, Extremophiles, Optogenetics in Plants, Algae-based Photobiosynthesis

and Biofuels, Light and Flowering

Environmental Photobiology

Ozone and Climate Change, UV Monitoring, Human Health

in Changing Climate, Effects on Food Quality and Crops, Aquatic Photobiology, Effect on Biogeochemical Cycles,

Solar Fuels, Metagenomics of Photic Environments

Physical and Chemical Photobiology

Molecular Imaging and Fluorescent Probes, Genetically-Encodable Probes, Illumination Strategies and Imaging

in Optogenetics, Photoacoustic Imaging, Tetrapyrroles in Photobiology, Fullerenes in Photobiology, Upconversion Nanoparticles in Photobiology, Quantum Dots in Photobiology, Reactive Oxygen Species, Nanobioplasmonics, Time- and Space-Resolved Photobiological Techniques, Molecular Modelling, Femtobiology, Biophotonics, Bioluminescence

Sensory Photobiology

Optogenetics, Vision in Microorganisms and Animals, Microbial Rhodopsins, Visual Pigments, Carotenoid- and Retinal-Binding Proteins, Flavoproteins, Phytochromes, Photosignal Transduction Mechanisms, Cryptochromes,

UV Radiation and Magnetoperception in Animals,

Time-Resolved Nanocrystallography of Photoreceptors, Photoorientation and Photomovements of Microorganisms, Circadian Rhythms

Industrial Photobiology

Industry-Sponsored Satellite Symposia, Live Demonstrations, Expert Meetings, Educational Events

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